17th Annual Spring Revival & Workshop

The church 17th Annual Spring Revival and Workshop was held on May 17th, 19th – 21st of 2017.  The theme, “Prepare to Flee from the Wrath to come” was presented in the opening session led by Overseer Rev. Robert Keyes.  As part of realignment with the Philippine ministry mission for the month of May, Pastor Keyes approved the churches to start celebration of the church anniversary along with the revival and workshop.  Each church worked on the details and selected a date most convenient to began the celebrations.  The M3 Program (Monitor, Mentor and Moderation) was showcased in the workshop.  The young participants were required to complete written assignments and present their conclusions orally, during the workshop.  It was an opportunity to help “build our young men and women self-esteem and confidence”.      During a 30 minute break, participants declared as “coffee connoisseurs” participated in a coffee tasting contest to select  specialty coffees donated to the church.

In the Philippines, the two churches also conducted sermons, church anniversary celebration and performed bible quizzes, contests and games.  For more details, select a link below and select the drop down link appearing below the original link, or go to the menu above and select ‘Contact Us’ and within the drop down list, select .  You will find the links within the posts located on the right side of the webpage.  Christian Fellowship African Universal Church No. 1 or No. 2.

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