Day of Pentecost

There is a holy day to be celebrated that many Christians do not know or have never been taught. Most celebrate “Christmas”.  However, Christmas is not in scriptures, never taught by Christ Disciples, or the Apostles.  Easter is pagan with its origins in fertility worship. The Holy day referred to in this text was told and prophesied by Lord Jesus Christ.  He confirmed what was prophesied in Old Testament. In the Book of Joel, Chapter 2, verse 28, “……I will pour out my spirit on all people…”   In the New testament Jesus said, ”I will send another counselor, the spirit of truth”. (John 16:15)  In today’s modern Christian practices and teachings, it is not well known or revered.

Nevertheless, this day is profoundly significant.  It marks the coming of Holy Spirit into the upper room and falling upon those in attendance. (Acts 2: 1 – 13)  The Holy Spirit transformed the disciples from a state of frightened and confuse, to men who would face martyrdom for what they believe.  This year, the celebration of Pentecost is June 4, 2017.  Pentecost is the Birthday of the church, coming 10 days after ascension of Jesus. It also marks the beginning of Christian purposeful movement i.e., spreading of the gospel and a new community when Peter preached to 3,000 people that believed and was baptized.

Rev. Robert E. Keyes, Pastor, Overseer

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