Church Silver Anniversary & Pastor 17th

In May, 2017, Tabernacle African Universal Church, Inc., celebrated their 25th anniversary and Christian Fellowship African Universal Churches No. 1 and 2, Tagum City, Philippines 5th year anniversary during the 17th annual Spring Revival and Workshop.  It may not have been noticeable to the local community, yet it was a success because we focused attention on the Philippine ministry so they could experience and enjoy the goodness of the Lord, while participating in their first anniversary celebration.  In August, we continued our local celebration.  Pastor and Overseer, Rev. Robert E. Keyes was installed as Pastor in August, 2000.  Therefore, we celebrate both anniversaries (church and pastor) in August.

Celebration kicked-off on August 19th with a Prayer Breakfast.  Visiting friends, former co-workers, family and associates were highly in attendance.  After consuming spiritual food provided by speaker Sister Dora Smiley, New Life Assembly Tabernacle, everyone retreated to the multipurpose building next door to dine on a heart warming and filling breakfast. (See Universal Photo Gallery, 2017 Events) located in the menu bar at top of this page.

Sunday morning service was moderated by Pastor, Dr. Andrew Lane, African Universal Church, Inc., West Park, Florida.  The speaker of the hour was Sister, Rose Lane, wife of Pastor, Dr. Andrew Lane.

Evening service was under the auspices of African Universal Baptist Church, Pastor John Wells.  Guests from local churches attended and represented by their choir.  The Holy Spirit filled the church starting from devotion thru the delivery of God’s Words by Pastor Wells.  For more information, visit the Universal Photo Gallery, 2017 Events located in the menu bar of this page.   Congratulatory calls, cards and letters were received.  An excerpt from a letter  received from Pastor Andrew Omanga, Kenya’s First African Universal Church was read and graciously received and appreciated.  The entire letter, excluding their email address has been published on their church web link located in the menu above under Contact Us/Kenya’s First African Universal Church

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