Worship and Praise God

The deepest level of worship is praising God, in spite of pain, giving thanks during trials, trusting Him when tempted to lose hope, and loving God when it seems He’s so distant and far away.  At our lowest, God is our hope and at my darkest hour.  He is my light.  When we are weak, He gives us strength and when we are sad, He is our comforter.  When we submit our broken life to Him, He restores us to a level greater than requested.  Therefore, as we enter into the year 2018, let’s use the following seven steps to worship and praise God for a successful new year:

  1. God is first
  2. Love one another
  3. Never hate
  4. Give generously
  5. Quickly forgive
  6. Always pray
  7. Never lose faith

Rev. Robert E. Keyes, Pastor & Overseer

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