Pastor Robert Keyes

Rev. Robert E. Keyes, Pastor, Prophet & Overseer


Pastor, Prophet and Overseer

Rev. Robert E. Keyes, III has been in the ministry since 1998 as an evangelist. His thirst for God’s words and teaching of Holy Scriptures have recharged listeners to serve and trust the ‘One and Only Universal God, through his son, Christ Jesus. In doing so, God endorsed his plan to re-establish fellowship with African Universal Churches in Alabama and South Florida. In July, Rev. Keyes led the Church in traveling to Daphne, AL to serve God through fellowship services.

God gave Rev. Keyes a vision of spiritual growth and stability by scheduling revivals, workshops and other worship and praise events. He supports the annual “Love Thy Neighbor Day” at St. Adorka African Universal Church in Daphne, Alabama that was originated by the late Bishop Eugene P. McCarroll.
The annual and on-going events of the Tabernacle African Universal Church also serve as an outreach to other Christian believers. In return, God expanded the fellowship to include African Universal Baptist Church, Rev. John Wells, Pastor, True Neighbor Baptist Church, Rev. John Baker, Pastor, Love Missionary Baptist Church, Rev. Titus Hill, Pastor, all located in Jacksonville, FL.
In September 2016, Pastor Keyes was assigned an additional title to align him with his responsibilities. As the first ‘Overseer’ of the church overseas ministries, Pastor Keyes has provided spiritual guidance and leadership for the development of churches in the Philippines and Kenya. Pastor Keyes was instrumental in communicating God given vision to work with and support the building the overseas ministry. This expansion helps spread God’s words to “whosoever is willing” to accept Christ’s message and program of for salvation.


Evangelist Emily Timmons  was licensed into the ministry in August 2009.  She brings many years of experience as a teacher of the ministry, former gospel radio management and announcer and public speaker. Evangelist Timmons is the founder of an outreach ministry, E T Ministries. She is serving as Minister-in-Charge at a local church where she conducts church growth and building activities and weekly bible studies that are open to the public. Her teaching skills and attention to details has been a blessing to the public.


Missionary Donnie Walker, a faithful member of the Tabernacle African Universal Church, conducts her out reach ministry by spreading Gods words of encouragement and hope to those who that are in less fortunate circumstances. Although faced with health and physical challenges, Missionary Walker continues her ministry within her housing complex. Whenever possible, she encourages others to “keep the faith”, regardless of their needs and or condition.