Christian Fellowship African Universal Church No. 1


Christian Fellowship African Universal Church, led by Pastor Malaquais Galing, registered the first African Universal Church in the Philippines on April 25, 2012.   Pastor Galing (See photo top-left and right photo, bordered between Pastor’s wife Rebecca, standing far left and Pastor Galing, far right, is the Linggasack family)   Pastor Galing courageously lead his congregation and family through the church startup process during torrential weather, calamity and loss of life of family and members.  Pastor Galing successfully moved the congregation into a facility more suitable for their needs.  Church members are committed to serving the Lord and helping one another and that’s one of founder of the African Universal Church teachings from the bible, “love one another”.  Recently, members donated assets and newly acquired professional skills to help further God’s ministry and His saints. (Select Photo Gallery at top of web page)One of the most joyful and festive occasion in the Philippines is Thanksgiving in December.  We look forward to continued love and support for each other and pray for God’s divine protection and care for all in the Philippines.

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